Tuesday, 31 July 2012

We are talking about Morinus

Let me use author 's words: 
Morinus is an easy to use astrology software under GPLv3 license. It uses the Swiss ephemeris so it's very accurate (5000BC - 5000AD). It runs on every operating system where Python and wxPython are available (Linux, Unix, Windows, Mac OS).
Author - Robert Nagy, (programming and astrology).

What is so exciting on Morinus? It is really easy to use,  offers a wide range of functionality that is not even in commercial products to find and is free. Free in this context means that any user  can freely use Morinus under conditions written in GPLv3 license.

Morinus software exists in two versions, modern version and traditional version, and on different platforms as I mentioned above. Both versions can be found via the section Morinus In Internet on the upper left side of this page.

Complete description of the program including available functions  is on the author's website to find, via the section Morinus In Internet for example Modern version.

This blog is primarily intended for Morinus implementation on Mac OS X. Why? Because I decided to implement Morinus on Mac :-)  At the time of writing I am porting the modern version of Morinus. Of course, all Morinus users are here more than welcome.

More about Morinus on Mac OS X in the next post.