Thursday, 6 September 2012

Morinus release 6.2.0 r05

I am pleased to announce the release of Morinus 6.2.0 r05.

What's new or enhanced in this release:
  • added new GUI functionality, closing active window via Cmd+W
    • you can close any active window except the main window with the standard Mac OSX shortcut Cmd+W.
    • how to use this new feature
      • select any window (except the main window)
      • type Cmd+W or in menu Horoscope -> Close window
      • and that's it
  • added Swiss ephemeris library compiled for Mac OSX. The library is a part of source code zip archive.

Let's take a look at this new GUI functionality in action

You can see the new menu item Horoscope -> Close window at the end and it is inactive, either the main program window is active or no other window is opened.

In the following figure is the transit window active and the menu Horoscope -> Close window is active as well.
I hope that you will appreciate this new functionality


Sunday, 19 August 2012

Morinus release 6.2.0 r04

I am pleased to announce the release of Morinus 6.2.0 r04.

What's new or enhanced in this release:

  • added Swiss ephemeris data files
    • morinus-6.2.0-r04.dmg - now includes a complete set of Swiss ephemeris files. Side effect is the increasing the size of the dmg file to 51 megabytes.
    • morinus-6.2.0-r04-noswiss.dmg - same release only without Swiss Ephemeris data files.
    • zip-file with complete source code 
  • some small fixes


Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Morinus release 6.2.0 r03

I am pleased to announce the release of Morinus 6.2.0 r03. This release fixes a problem with displaying of Synastry result on Mac.

Result of the function Synastry looks like this:

Synastry - Morinus and test person

Morinus on Mac

About a year ago I wanted to have Morinus software on Mac (modern version), up and running. Because I like this software.

I set a few parameters that Morinus must meet on a Mac. Here they are:
  • identical functionality as the current versions on other platforms
  • Mac look and feel everywhere where it is possible and
  • software stability comparable to the versions on other platforms
Robert's support was excellent as usual. Unfortunately, I made a mistake. I thought that the end user can be fully responsible for the infrastructure installation. In other words, the user installs all the libraries and frameworks and we only deliver the program as a Python code. Stupid from me :-(

Now I have set another parameter, concretely the creation of standalone Mac OS X application. There are other more or less technical parameters and requirements on Morinus application on Mac, but they are at the moment not so important. Better say the description of these requirements is not so important . Maybe sometimes later.

We have Morinus as a standalone application and that is exactly what you get when you download Morinus dmg file.

In the next post I will describe what is included in the current release.

Tuesday, 31 July 2012

We are talking about Morinus

Let me use author 's words: 
Morinus is an easy to use astrology software under GPLv3 license. It uses the Swiss ephemeris so it's very accurate (5000BC - 5000AD). It runs on every operating system where Python and wxPython are available (Linux, Unix, Windows, Mac OS).
Author - Robert Nagy, (programming and astrology).

What is so exciting on Morinus? It is really easy to use,  offers a wide range of functionality that is not even in commercial products to find and is free. Free in this context means that any user  can freely use Morinus under conditions written in GPLv3 license.

Morinus software exists in two versions, modern version and traditional version, and on different platforms as I mentioned above. Both versions can be found via the section Morinus In Internet on the upper left side of this page.

Complete description of the program including available functions  is on the author's website to find, via the section Morinus In Internet for example Modern version.

This blog is primarily intended for Morinus implementation on Mac OS X. Why? Because I decided to implement Morinus on Mac :-)  At the time of writing I am porting the modern version of Morinus. Of course, all Morinus users are here more than welcome.

More about Morinus on Mac OS X in the next post.